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Front-End Development Training in Chandigarh at sector 46 C - Online/Offline.

Front-end development is a dynamic and evolving field that involves creating the user interface and experience of websites and web applications. Here's a general roadmap to guide you through learning front-end development, though keep in mind that individual preferences, project needs, and industry trends might cause some variation. This roadmap is divided into several sections:

Client Software (Front-End)

The basic languages of Front-End Development are:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java Script

Responsive Design:

  • Learn how to make websites look good on all devices.
  • Media queries.
  • CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Materialize CSS, or Foundation.
  • CSS Preprocessing :

    • Learn a CSS preprocessor like Sass or Less.
    • Bootstrap.
    • Popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries:

      Basic Libraries:

      • jQuery.

      Modern Frameworks:

      • React.js (Facebook)
      • Angular (Google)
      • Vue.js (Community driven)

      Version Control:

      • Learn Git and GitHub.
      • Understand branching, merging, and basic workflows.

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