Computer Basics

Course Duration: 45 Hrs.(45 Days. One Hour Per Day)

Online/Offline Computer Basics Training in Chandigarh | Office Automation

Computer Basics

Course Content:

About Computer

What is Computer, Basic Applications of Computer; Components of Computer System, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Keyboard and Mouse, Other input/output Devices, Computer Memory, Concepts of Hardware and Software; Concept of Computing,

Computer has become essential in each and every field. So to do any job in office, we need basic knowledge of computer or office automation courses.
compuhelp-basics-courseThe course is designed to aim at imparting a basic level appreciation programme for the common man. This helps the small business communities, housewives to maintain their small account using the computers and enjoy in the world of Information Technology .We provide online and offline training for COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS, MS-WORD,MS-EXCEL , MS-POWERPOINT & Introduction to internet and email etc.

compuhelp-basics-courseMicrosoft Word : MS-Word is the application software of MS-Office which is used in most of the offices to manage the document work of the office. So learning MS-Word is worth- while to prepare yourself for the office work or even to do typing work of  day to day life.

compuhelp-basics-courseMicrosoft Excel: MS-Excel is the application software of MS-Office which is used to  perform calculative work of the office or prepare the spreadsheets to manage the data of organizations or offices.

compuhelp-basics-courseMicrosoft PowerPoint: MS-PowerPoint is the application software of the MS-Office which is used to prepare presentations to represent the ideas and concepts to the people using computers using multimedia.

compuhelp-basics-courseUse of Internet: Now a day's everyone is using internet. It provides a variety of information and communication facilities. We will learn Basic of Computer networks; Concept of Internet; Applications of Internet; connecting to internet; Knowing the Internet; Basics of internet connectivity. Create Email account;Send Mail; Attachment of file; YouTube Link etc.         

Computer Basics Course

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