About Us

Compuhelp Pvt.Ltd. is one of the leading training and Development Company who provides complete internet solutions including web application development, web design and development, internet marketing, search engine optimization, graphic designing, content development, multimedia presentations. We also provides internet consultancy, making an internet business strategy and setting up an e-business for its clients. We are a group of highly motivated IT professionals with an ability to innovate a strong desire to excel. Compuhelp has also an IT Training division who provides training to Engineering, MCA, MSc. Students. Thousands of Engineering students from Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan,Himachal and surroundings have successfully completed their Industrial and Summer Trainings. The focus of the Industrial Training is to facilitate students with Live Projects on latest technologies like Python,Java,PHP, ANDROID DEVELOPMENT under the strict guidance of Experts. We also provide training for core programming courses like C, C++,Python,Core Java.

COMPUHELP'S Online Training Platform

COMPUHELP is now providing online training for C, C++, JAVA, HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT, WEB Designing, WEB Development, Python, Data Structures, SQL, DBMS, PHP, Digital Marketing ,Computer Basics and Spoken English etc in sector 46C & sector 22C Chandigarh. COMPUHELP's Training for B.Tech. computer science students from the basic programming languages like Logic building in C Language, OOP Concepts using C++,OOP Concepts using JAVA,python for the latest technologies like machine learning and robotics etc. COMPUHELP is also providing the data structures training for the B.Tech. Students or to the students of all computer streams to understand the deep concepts to understand the concepts and techniques which are used to manage data in computers. Data Structures is the most important for the students to get job or to crack the interview of MNCs during their recruitment times.

COMPUHELP'S Kidz Programming World !

COMPUHELP is providing Programming platform for the kids from 5th standard to 10th standard students.Learning Coding is the best technique to enhance the logical and analitical power of the brain.Web Designing like designing web pages using HTML,CSS,using some drawing softwares to create images which they can use in the web pages and then they can learn basics of the programming languages. We are providing training to problem solving techniques using flow charts and general algos.COMPUHELP is providing training to the little champs to write their first code using Python and C or using the JAVA SCRIPT to code their web pages.We have lot more to provide to the kids to enhance their coding skills.Do subscribe our youtube channnel to get more information : www.youtube.com/c/compuhelpindia

COMPUHELP'S Policy Train to Attain

COMPUHELP believes in the policy of Train to attain. Most of the time training is the process of throwing the information to the trainee whether the trainee is attaining the knowledge or not but at COMPUHELP we assure the student to implement the acquired knowledge to get the desired results.COMPUHELP motivates the students to menifest there goals and to reach their goals.So come to the COMPUHELP and feel the difference in training.