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Course Duration: 15 hrs.(15 Days. One Hour Per Day) or 30 hrs. (1 month. One Hour Per Day)

Online/Offline Digital Awareness Training in Chandigarh.


Basic concepts of computer:
Like computer hardware, OS, Folder, intro to word, intro to PowerPoint, intro to excel , intro to internet, networking.

  • Internet concepts ISP etc.
  • Like web-browser, Wi-Fi etc.
  • client server
  • Website
  • Webpage
  • Domain name.
  • Server space.
  • hosting
  • search engine.( Google, Msn, yahoo -2-3 Search engines)
  • E-mail
  • Simple Email
  • Email with attachments,
  • Download attachments.
  • How to create Email account?
  • How to search?
  • Keywords search engine.
  • How to fill forms online?
  • How to book tickets online?
  • How to pay bills (telephone bills, electricity bills etc.)?
  • How to use e-banking?
  • How to use Facebook and other social media sites?
  • How to do shopping on internet?
  • How to learn watch you tube videos?
  • How to do online classes using Google Meet?.
  • How to use all this on mobile and tablets?

We provide online and offline Digital marketing training in sector 46C & sector 22C Chandigarh at COMPUHELP.

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